HVAC Don’ts: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Ensuring that your HVAC system is functioning efficiently throughout the entire year is essential for your family’s in-home comfort and safety. Unfortunately, there are many common mistakes made by homeowners that could potentially result in costly repairs and inefficient performance. Through the information that follows, you should have a general idea of the most common HVAC mistakes, as well as how to avoid them.

Neglecting the Air Filter

Your HVAC filter’s purpose is to purify the air circulating your home by trapping contaminants such as pollen, dirt, and debris. Failing to maintain a clean filter is a common mistake that often leads to costly repairs. A dirty filter causes blockages and forces the system to work harder, leading to an excess use of energy over time, along with heightened electricity bills. To ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency of your system, make a habit of replacing your filter once a month.

Unawareness of Mold Warning Signs

It’s a common misconception that mold growth is exclusively related to cleanliness. Actually, mold can form in any environment as long as there is significant humidity, such as in your air vents. It’s important to regularly check the vents in your home for any signs of mold, such as black matter inside or outside of the vents or even on the HVAC unit itself. If you happen to notice mold growth, contact us at Crow’s Heat and Air immediately to fix the issue and prevent any further damage to the system.

Ignoring Signs of an Issue

Brushing aside early signs of problems with your HVAC system can eventually lead to costly repairs and even potential system replacement. If you notice any unusual noises or unpleasant odors associated with your system, contact Crow’s Heat and Air immediately to prevent extensive damage and expensive repairs down the line.

Failing to Check Drains

Most air conditioning systems utilize drains that collect excess condensation to prevent moisture damage by relocating the water outside of the home. If a drain is clogged and begins to overflow, it can have a significant impact on your HVAC system, as well as the surrounding floors and walls. Remember to keep your drain line clean, and consider cleaning it out once a year so build up does not accumulate.

Overlooking Routine Maintenance Scheduling

Arguably the most common mistake that homeowners make is waiting to schedule an HVAC appointment until there is a problem with their system. When this time comes, it is likely that the issue has already caused significant wear and tear on the system. This impacts the lifespan of the system, leading to a more expensive repair. To avoid emergencies like this, we recommend scheduling routine system maintenance checkups. At Crow’s Heat and Air, we offer maintenance agreements that make this process a breeze.

Avoiding these common HVAC maintenance mistakes can assist in ensuring the lifespan and efficiency of your system. Make sure you are scheduling frequent maintenance, keeping an eye out for mold, cleaning your drains, and paying attention to the patterns that your air conditioning system displays.

If you have any questions or concerns about your air conditioning system, give Crow’s Heat and Air a call at 972-548-1323.

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