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The Importance of Air Conditioning System Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about all of the appliances and systems within our homes that require routine maintenance to ensure that they run at their highest efficiency. One of the primary systems in this category is your heating and cooling systems. Through this blog we will explain why preventive HVAC maintenance is necessary. 

Air Conditioning maintenance

Increased Lifespan of the Equipment 

Equipment life is prolonged through the ability to prematurely identify and address potential concerns before they become significant problems. This maintains premier performance of each unit component and prevents breakdowns, therefore extending the lifespan of the equipment and reducing costly repairs and replacements. 

Sustain Adequate IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) 

Indoor air quality is improved by replacing filters on a routine basis, inspecting and maintaining ductwork, ensuring proper operation of your system, and preventing mold and bacteria growth. IAQ is often overlooked, but it can have a significant impact on you and your family. 

Decrease Energy Bills and Increase Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is increased through ensuring that each component of the air conditioning unit is at optimal performance. This prevents breakdowns, advances airflow, and maintains accurate temperature control. Each of these aspects reduce energy consumption resulting in lowered utility bills. 

Increased Safety 

Safety is increased by identifying and fixing any potential hazard. Some of these concerns include electrical connections, improper operation, as well as some health related issues that are associated with IAQ like mold and bacteria growth. During

maintenance visits with Crow’s Heat and Air, we make sure that your home is a safe environment for your family by checking each of these components. 

Quality Comfort 

Routine maintenance of your HVAC system improves comfort within your home by ensuring proper operation of each component to reduce the risk of equipment failure. This also guarantees accurate temperature control, improves IAQ, and reduces noise levels to provide a comfortable environment for you and your family. 

Less Frequent Repairs and Fewer Breakdowns 

The need for repairs and potential of breakdowns will be minimized by routine maintenance visits as any minor concerns will be addressed before they become significant problems. This regular inspection and upkeep will reduce the likelihood of unexpected and costly repairs. 

Warranty Protection 

Most warranty contracts require that the equipment is properly maintained in order to cover the cost of the equipment if a repair were necessary. Neglecting to provide upkeep with HVAC equipment can cause premature breakdowns, resulting in an invalidation of warranty. 

At Crow’s Heat and Air, we offer a variety of maintenance agreement options to better fit the personal needs of your home’s heating and cooling systems. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the maintenance of your HVAC systems, contact us at 972-548-1323.

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